Disney Versus Dreamworks: News Movies Create Battles in the Audiences


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Keally Peck, Writer

With the release of a Disney remake coming up in the next month, audiences for the various film companies seem to be heading in many different directions.

In September 2022, Disney released a teaser for the remake of the iconic animated film, “The Little Mermaid,” As time has passed, more has been revealed for the film, along with two official trailers for the film. However, in March 2023, Dreamworks released a trailer for its upcoming film, “Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken,” This didn’t seem to be much of a problem until comparisons were made between the two mermaid characters in each film.

“Given that Dreamworks has famously dunked on Disney before in the Shrek series, it was probably no coincidence,” Pirates and Princesses (PNP) Newsroom wrote in their article, “Dreamworks Dunks on Disney’s The Little Mermaid in ‘Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken’ Trailer,”

“The timing is curious as well, with the live-action Disney remake of The Little Mermaid embroiled in controversy over casting and the creepy, uncanny valley versions of Sebastian, Flounder and Scuttle,” PNP concluded.

However, despite what everyone is saying, both Dreamworks and Disney have plans to make sequels to their famous films, but Disney plans to work on remakes of their classic films, either to add a modern twist or to let the film reach a broader variety of audiences.

Disney has said in the past, shortly after the failure of the 2022 film “Strange World,” that sequels and live-action remakes would possibly become Disney’s future for a while, as the original idea movies have a small chance of being memorable. More information about this announcement can be found in this article.

“Nevertheless, Disney’s modern animations lack the magic of their predecessors,” Aron Ravin wrote under their opinion piece, ‘Parents Should Steer Their Children Away From Disney.’

“Recent films spurn our desire for a good villain getting his or her comeuppance, instead attempting to communicate complicated themes that are more targeted toward pleasing film critics than entertaining kids,” Ravin said.

According to IMDB, Disney has at least five live-action adaptations and remakes of classic films, along with a list of upcoming Marvel movies. Along with The Little Mermaid remake, a Snow White remake, a Peter Pan remake and many others are planned to come. While there aren’t any visual trailers for the majority of the films, some people are looking forward to the remakes, while others would rather have something different.

Dreamworks has new films planned as well, with a variety of films being new ideas, along with sequels to its popular films as well. Kung Fu Panda 4 and Despicable Me 4 are two sequels that were announced but are not nearing completion yet. However, more recent films, like Trolls Band Together, are being planned to be released later this year. This film industry seems to keep going with their usual plan of making new films that could either make or break their company, then making sequels to those films based on the feedback.

People love original films. Especially when the films go off the normal scale towards the rest. Frozen was the biggest example, as the film seemed to shock almost everyone with Prince Hans’ betrayal of Princess Anna. So, all people can do is watch and see what these films will bring, along with the idea of what movies will belong to people’s hearts, with other films staying away at all costs.