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The ViewPoint is the student publication of Northeast Community College.

The goal of  the ViewPoint is to provide an engaging perspective on news and commentary that serves the needs of the Northeast community while also serving as an educational experience for the student staff.

The ViewPoint started out as an underground paper at Norfolk Junior College in the late 1960’s. By 1968 President Dr. Michail Paradise asked the editors of the ViewPoint to take over management of the campus official student newspaper, The BlackHawk. In November of that year, the name of the BlackHawk was changed to the much more popular ViewPoint.

When the college merged with Northeast Nebraska Technical College in 1973, the ViewPoint came along.

The staff of the ViewPoint strives to cover a blend of campus and community news from all over Northeast Nebraska. The home office of the publication is at the Norfolk Campus, but staff has served from the West Point and O’Neill Education Centers as well as the College Center in South Sioux City.

In the past, most of the staff has been Journalism program students, but with major changes in recruiting and the publications position as a true student publication, most staff now come from any number of educational areas. Students interested in working for the ViewPoint should contact the advisor, Angela Henery, at [email protected] or contact the staff at [email protected].

The ViewPoint has ceased publication of its monthly print newspaper in December, 2012 in order to focus on daily news coverage on the web. As we made that transition through the fall semester and into early January 2013, web readers have come to expect more interactive features and expanded daily coverage.


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Can I get a reprint of a photo featured on the website?

Please respect our students’ work as well as copyright law and not copy any material found on our website without permission. Any material belonging to the ViewPoint can be used for a fee, to be based on fair market value. Any publication, print or digital, that uses material from the ViewPoint without permission will be asked to cease and will be billed for the duration said material remains in circulation.

I found some old copies of the ViewPoint in a box in my attic from when I went to Northeast. Do you want them?

Yes! In fact, we are missing many back issues throughout the ViewPoint’s history (even from the last few years) and would gladly accept donation of any old issues. (OK, we admit, this isn’t a FAQ, but it has been asked before, and we really could use those back issues for our archive).


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