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McDonalds, on Riverside, gets 5 stars for their customer service in Norfolk,Neb.

Jasmine Montes, Editor December 3, 2023

If you want the best customer service in Norfolk head straight to McDonald's on Riverside Boulevard. This McDonald's is owned by Leanord Management and is constantly competing against 200 different...

District Table and Tap, the busiest restaurant in town

Jasmine Montes, Editor October 24, 2023

Why is there never an empty table at District Table and Tap?   District Table and Tap is a family-friendly restaurant that is well known for its incredible food, drinks and staff in Norfolk, Nebraska....

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An 84 Dollar Rainbow Cake Causes Disputes Around Social Media

Keally Peck, Writer April 28, 2023

Despite the rumors of the social media platform TikTok being taken down in the United States, people who use the platform never hesitate to find or make trending content. The biggest trend these past two...

Quick and Easy Meals for Finals

Quick and Easy Meals for Finals

Keally Peck, Writer April 13, 2023

With less than a month until the spring 2023 semester comes to a close, more time is planned to be spent so the school year can be successfully finished. The biggest complaint about studying for these...

Can poor diet and lifestyle behaviors modify genomic susceptibility to impulsivity?

Can poor diet and lifestyle behaviors modify genomic susceptibility to impulsivity?

Pooja Toshniwal Paharia, Writer March 30, 2023

In a recent study published in the Nutrients Journal, researchers evaluated the effects of poor diet quality and lifestyle behaviors (including smoking, sleep, drinking, and physical activity) on modifying...

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Fox Craves Bigger Cut of TV Rivals’ Food Advertising Dollars (EXCLUSIVE)

Brian Steinberg, Writer March 14, 2023

Fox is hungry for a different kind of advertising dollar. The Fox Corp.-owned broadcast network has thrived for years on outlays from movie studios and fast-food chains, but in 2023, it’s looking...

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Food Shortages that Are or May be Happening this Year

Keally Peck, Writer January 19, 2023

The year 2023 has only been around for almost three weeks, but lots of news has already happened. Especially when it comes to the shortages in the common grocery store items. A carton of eggs that used...

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Turkey Is the No. 1 Cause of Thanksgiving Food Poisoning—Here’s How to Stay Healthy, CDC

Zachary Mack, Writer November 22, 2022

Few food items cause more meal preparation stress than Thanksgiving turkey. The giant bird can take even seasoned chefs out of their comfort zone when it comes to seasoning, preparing, cooking, and serving...

Some Exciting New Fast-Food Items Coming this Way for the Holiday Season

Some Exciting New Fast-Food Items Coming this Way for the Holiday Season

Keally Peck, Editor November 17, 2022

Before Thanksgiving begins, a dozen new items are hitting stores like Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendys and McDonalds. These news items will hold a festive feel for the 2022 holiday season “The items...

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This 3-ingredient S’mores Dip is a Great Alternative to the Classic Campfire Treat

Keally Peck, Editor November 3, 2022

With the temperatures getting colder, and the chances of snow and rain rising, fewer and fewer people are wanting to go outside. This includes making food outside, especially at a campfire. So, what happens...

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This Two-Ingredient Chocolate Soufflé is a Delicious Delight

Keally Peck, Editor October 27, 2022

Making food which requires tons of ingredients and a lot of time can be difficult. Buying ingredients can be costly, and lots of spare time can be hard to find. So, many people, especially those on a strict...

The Mexican Restaurant Fued

The Mexican Restaurant Fued

Lilly Ryken April 14, 2022

There are many restaurants that come and go out of Yankton, South Dakota, but it is guaranteed that El Tapatio and Mexico Viejo are here to stay. If you ask a group of people from Yankton which restaurant...

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