Celebrate Pi Day with savings on pizza and pie from various stores across the country


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Pies for sale.

March 14 is colloquially known as Pi Day, due to the date being 3/14, which alludes to the mathematical constant that is approximately 3.14.

Keeping mathematics hat on for a second, Pi Day also brings with it the chance to save some dollars and spend less money on pie (not the number, the food).

Various pizzerias and bakeries across the country will be holding discounts in honor of Pi Day in neighborhoods across the country, but did you know you can also get a hold of Pi Day discounts online?

Meaning you can get your favorite pie or pizza from anywhere in the country, and save money doing so.

Goldbelly is a nationwide delivery service that allows you to order meal kits and food from various locations around the country. And in honor of Pi Day, some of the best pizza pies in the country are on sale for up to 31.4% off.

You can get deep-dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s in Chicago or classic Neapolitan pizza from Di Fara in New York City for less than you would typically. Some of the deepest discounts we saw were at the following locations:

But it’s not just pizza. Bakery pies are also on the savings menu.

PieCaken Bakeshop’s winter “piecaken,” which is what happens when a pecan pie, red velvet cake and cheesecake combine into one sweet treat, is $20 off its original price.

Wick’s Pies has a Choose Your Own six-pack of pies for about $30 off its original price.

And if you want dinner and dessert, Luke’s Lobster in Portland, Maine, has a sale going on for their Lobster Roll Kit that features their own blueberry pie.

While there are not as many pies for sale as pizzas, we couldn’t resist sharing these food savings with you in honor of Pi Day.

We just wish these deals were endless like pi.