The Sims 4 Adds a New Age in the Games Lifecycle

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Keally Peck, Writer

This week hits hard for Sims 4 fans as the past three days, the game has added new items to the game, some free and some that will cost some real-life currency.

The Sims 4 was first released on September 2, 2014 and has grown significantly since then. What started as a 40 dollar base-game turned into a game that would cost about 855 dollars for the entire game with all the expansion, game and stuff packs along with the kits that come along with the game. Now, almost a decade later, the base-game is now free, the long-awaited infant update has arrived, adding a new stage to the Sims life cycle.

The announcement of infants sparked much joy into the Electronic Arts (EA) game since its first announcement back at the end of January this year. This announcement came more than five years after the release of toddlers to the game, which came in 2017 and has been long-awaited since the release of the toddlers. This announcement came more than two months after The Sims 4 base-game had been made free, which striked outrage among those who paid the 40 dollar fee for the base-game without packs that added more to the game, like seasons and pets. But, EA has addressed the decision to make the base-game free-to-play as a way to thank their loyal fans and hope to add more fans to the life simulation game.

On March 14th, roughly 12 p.m. mountain time, everyone’s game was ready for the update to add the new infant stage to the game. Shortly after the game had been loaded by the hundreds of EA users, more had been revealed about the new infant update, along with the outrage that came with it.

“Me, searching through the Sims 4 catalog for base-game changing tables and playmats only to find out it’s behind a paywall,” Iboopyoursnoop wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning, roughly a day after the infant update, but right before the Growing Together release.

“Without the new expansion pack, infants in base-game are pretty much toddlers except for dirty diapers everywhere, just EA being EA” Iboopyoursnoop concluded.

The Growing Together Expansion pack was released today and seems to hold everything the game had been missing with the infant update. Items like changing tables and baby carriers are exclusive in the 40 dollar expansion pack, causing many to buy the pack to help add more sense to the new updated life stage.

“I hope that players will find a place where they can fully experience family life through experiences such as building a treehouse, learning how to ride a bike, playing games and just being together,” EA user Dzidziak86, also known as Monika, said under EA’s newest article, ‘Come on In! A Look Inside Creator’s Builds for Growing Together.’

Monika had partnered with EA to help design three lots of the new world in the Growing Together Expansion pack, San Sequoia.

“I would love to know that The Sims families are growing together happily in a safe, cheerful and bright space that I created,” Monika concluded.

Currently, there is a sale going on with all the packs, minus the kits, with most expansion packs, excluding high school years and growing together being 50 percent off, game packs being 25-30 percent off and stuff packs being 30 percent off. It is not possible to bundle the new pack with other items in the Bundles option, but bundles, which include an expansion pack, game pack and stuff pack are now 40 dollars compared to the usual 50 dollar price.

When it comes to infants, it can either be the best thing to add, or a way for more money to be spent on the now free base-game.