The Mexican Restaurant Fued


Lilly Ryken

There are many restaurants that come and go out of Yankton, South Dakota, but it is guaranteed that El Tapatio and Mexico Viejo are here to stay.

If you ask a group of people from Yankton which restaurant they like more you will probably get a 50/50 answer. People who have had both restaurants seem to be loyal to the place they prefer.

Fresh food, authentic family recipes and fast service, El Tapatio promises this and more. Both have a variety of Mexican food from fajita’s to chimichangas, steak to seafood, even vegetarian to meat lovers.

Former employee of Mexico Viejo Yali Gomez said, “I think I like El Tapatio better because of how the flavoring in their food seems more authentic. Also, their options for Mexican food are some of the things a Mexican person would actually cook and not try to make it sweet but also spicy.”

It’s quite interesting to hear that Gomez prefers the opposing restaurant compared to the restaurant she was loyal to for years.

“I like El Tapatio better because there’s more options on the menu and a little bit better quality than Mexico Viejo in my opinion, they are both good though,” Tyler Kraft said. “Whenever someone asks if we should get El Tapatio or Mexico Viejo I’m always neutral on the answer. I’m not opposed to getting any kind of Mexican food.”

As previously mentioned, the number of loyal customers at both places is a pretty equal amount and they are both loyal to the restaurants, and some people also like both restaurants and will eat at either location.

“People are not going to be hungry here,” El Tapatio owner Maria said with a smile. “We like our customers to leave satisfied.”

El Tapatio has locations in Dell Rapids and Brandon, South Dakota. The owners also own a Azteca Mexican Restaurant in Sioux Falls.

“Mexico Viejo is better in my opinion because I think their chips and salsa are better and their white queso is better, but El Tapatio has better service in my opinion,” Patrick Ryken said. “They both have good service though. Their food is better to me, I always get chimichangas from both places and I like Mexico Viejo‘s chimichangas better.”

In addition to Mexico Viejo’s main proportions, they offer a lunch menu with smaller proportions, cheap prices and fast turnarounds for locals on lunch break.

It is safe to say that both restaurants will be staying in Yankton for a while, thanks to authentic Mexican ingredients and generous portions.