Dhar Mann is Threatened to Be Cancelled


Img. Taken From Dhar Mann Studios Video, “Car Salesman Humiliates Poor Man, Instantly Regrets It!”

Keally Peck, Writer

Dharminder “Dhar” Mann, a 38-year-old life changing YouTuber, is now facing threats over underpaying his actors, along with taking down a precious mural.

Mann’s YouTube channel, which now has more than 17 million followers, has been known to have life-changing stories that are posted at least once a week. His stories have reached a wide variety of audiences and have educated many people already. And over time, his channel gained so much attention, he was able to purchase a big studio, which he posted onto YouTube. However, this studio would become a protesting ground a year after the tour of the studio was posted.

Many original actors, which were seen in many videos when Mann’s stories became more recognizable not only on YouTube, but Tiktok as well, have spoken out on how lately, none of the past cast members have been seen. This already began sparking interest as iconic characters from different stories were being seen less or have been replaced entirely. But recently, a few days ago, social media platforms became flooded with videos of familiar Dhar Mann actors outside, holding signs of protest. The protests began sparking interest in what exactly was going on.

“Not a single actor that works at Dhar Mann Studios can afford rent…” Collin A. Borden, an ex-Mann actor, spoke on TikTok.

“I think people should be aware of why we are protesting, why we are out there right now,” Borden said.

Despite the studios growth from shooting everything from an apartment building to having three sound studios, Borden spoke how wages were never changed despite the channel’s huge growth which led to a major part of their protest, unfair wages.

It has also been confirmed by Borden that the actors also do not have a confirmed employment with the studio and are often called upon to do filming and get paid based on if they are a main actor or an extra. In fact, Borden and many other actors had come forward to talk to Mann about this issue, along with other issues, but were told otherwise.

Another issue that surfaced as well were the unnecessary and quiet firings of employees. Mair Mulroney, another ex-actor of Mann, spoke in a stream about during her employment there, no other opinions had mattered. If someone were to ask if the story of the film would be changed, they would end up fired.

“It’s not about me, it’s about Dhar,” Mulroney spoke during the stream.“Everything’s about Dhar. He’s the star of everything and he tries to make that very clear.” 

In a TikTok video of the protest, the actors explain how they had tried to set up a meeting with Mann to discuss everything before it spiraled out of control, but it didn’t turn out that way. Instead of getting a meeting with the famous billionaire himself, other people from the department came instead. It led to a disheartening reaction from the group and they left the meeting. Shortly after, they stood in front of the studio, holding up signs that show how Mann’s words have come to bite him. Signs like ‘He’s Not Changing Lives, He’s Ruining Actor’s Lives!!!’ and ‘Multimillionaire ignore actors. Instantly regrets it!’ were in the actor’s arms in front of the studio as well, showing how Mann’s messages are being used against him.

While the video did spark outrage among many Mann fans, many who stay out of the way of conflicts between others until both sides are spoken have found other reasons to spark anger among Mann as well. The biggest reason has been the absence of the famous mural for the deceased actor, Carl Judie.

Judie played many roles in the past Mann films, but many of his roles filled a positive message with a positive role. When he passed, Mann posted on his social media a mural to show his respect to the dedicated actor. It was positively received among the Mann community, so imagine the intense disappointment to see a blank brick wall where the mural once was during the protest video. Fans are outraged that the once famous, and well received mural, was now washed away and believe the mural was taken down for no reason at all.

Yesterday, Mann responded to the allegations through his social media accounts, with his YouTube Community page now having a long summary of what has happened through his point of view.

“We do not offer full-time positions as we try to spread around opportunities and show a wide range of faces…If accepted, Actors are always paid shortly after a production wraps, typically within 72 hours.” Mann spoke on his YouTube community page.

He also went on to say that the meeting was held with his most senior leader, including the head of production. During the meeting, the actors refused to communicate and walked out. They had followed up with a request for written feedback and never received a response. It is also noted in the request for the meeting that Mann’s attendance would be appreciated, but wasn’t required. Dhar Mann Studios have also posted why the mural was taken down, as it was due to property management forcing it down, despite the studios pleading to keep it up. They plan to recreate a new mural at their future campus.

Currently, Dhar Mann Studios is still posting weekly videos with their current cast while online, many people have commented about unsubscribing from the “Dhar Mann Fam” and have been recommending Mann to take his own advice from his videos, along with quoting one of his famous quote, “What happens in the dark, always comes to light.”


Posted Feb. 9th, 2023

Revised Feb. 16th, 2023