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Google to pay $170 million for YouTube child privacy breaches

Google to pay $170 million for YouTube child privacy breaches

MCT Campus September 5, 2019

WASHINGTON — Google’s YouTube agreed on Wednesday to pay a $170 million fine and limit ads on kids’ videos to settle claims that the company violated children’s privacy laws. The world’s largest...

How do you really pronounce frappuccino?

How do you really pronounce “frappuccino”?

Marissa Lute November 26, 2016

One of our favorite things to do at The Viewpoint is watch the videos on the PronunciationManual Youtube channel. This is just one of the many mispronounced words that have made us laughed until we cried!...

There isnt a better way to relax after a long day

There isn’t a better way to relax after a long day

Marissa Lute, Editor-in-Chief October 13, 2016

With Fall break right around the corner and midterm tests in full swing, stress seems to be at an all time high for college students. Everyone has their own way to relax, but our friends at Buzzfeed have...

People react to being called “beautiful”

Marissa Lute, Editor February 5, 2016

A Chicago High School for the Arts student conducted a social experiment on her fellow students regarding their beauty. Speaking from experience, compliments aren't very easy to take, especially when...

This segway dance will change everything!

October 6, 2015

This choreographed segway dance to Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" was choreographed, edited and filmed by David Moore. Check it out!

Head Bobbing Music

Angela Richart November 12, 2014

In my latest interview there was an uncanny moment when both myself and my interview, Bobby Stopak, turned our heads at the exact same time. a video editor, I couldn't help myself. Yes, I very...

GoPro Gearing Up To Share More Of Its Users’ Videos

GoPro Gearing Up To Share More Of Its Users’ Videos

October 9, 2014

By Andrea Chang and Chris O’Brien Los Angeles Times (MCT) SAN MATEO, Calif. — For years, thrill seekers have worn GoPro video cameras to capture hair-raising skydiving, motorcycle racing and snowboarding...

Talkin’ Hawks Tobacco Ban

September 23, 2014

We asked people on campus about the new tobacco ban on the Northeast Campus.

The Walking and Talking Dead

Angela Richart November 6, 2013

One of the most popular shows on television today, The Walking Dead, has become victim of A Bad Lip Reading on Youtube. This humorous Youtube channel puts different words in the mouths of the actors and...

This Is Halloween

Angela Richart October 18, 2013

With the spooky holiday right around the corner, we'd like to share this amazing house light show to the song "This Is Halloween." Its sure to send shivers up your spine.

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