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Keally Peck, Editor

Black Friday seems to have come early with kinds of different deals and sales, especially for video games. Since the beginning of November, lots of video games, some old, some new and some not even released yet, have shown discounts in their original prices for this year’s discounts.

According to, video games make up a huge portion of the holiday’s “Black Friday gaming deals”, so there’s plenty flying around when sales do land. These games have record low prices, some of which weren’t expected to see until Nov. 25th.

Retail stores each hold a different way on how video game prices are going to be this Black Friday season.

Amazon is offering up to 67% off Playstation 5 and Xbox titled games.

At Best Buy, customers can save up to $52 on special edition games.

CDKeys offers up to 94% off digital downloads across all platforms.

Microsoft has digital downloads now starting at $3.99

And Walmart is selling major first party Switch titles starting from $39.99

Some exclusive game deals are included too. Some old games and some new games, but the deals are welcome to all kinds of different gamers, who have the right platforms for the game.

 Amazon is offering deals on games like Rainbow Six Extraction. This game is usually 40 dollars but is now 12 dollars on Amazon, saving people 28 dollars. Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy game on the PS5 is now 15 dollars, which is half off of the original price. Dying Light 2 is down to a record low price, saving 35 dollars with a price of 25 dollars for the game. Amazon is also offering a bargain for relatively new games, like Sonic Frontiers, which is now 35 dollars instead of the usual 60 dollars, or Stray, which is 29 dollars, instead of the normal 40 dollars. And finally, NBA 2K23 is down to a record low sale of 29 dollars instead of the usual 60 dollars.

On CDKeys, games like Marvel Spider-Man, which is now available on the PC, is 43% off and is now asking $33.89 for the game. CDKeys is also offering a discount for three months of Xbox Game Pass by letting people pay $27.39 for it instead of the normal 45 dollars for it.

BestBuy offers deals on some games as well. The biggest game, Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition for the Xbox is getting 50 whole dollars off the original price, going from a 90 dollar price tag all the way down to 40 dollars. Along with that, Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Legends Arceus are also discounted, but not as greatly. Pokemon Snap is now 42 dollars compared to the usual 60 dollars, while Pokemon Legends Arceus is 45 dollars instead of 60 dollars. Walmart has offered 10 dollars off for a Ring Fit Adventure, making it cost 70 dollars.

There are lots of deals for video games, some major and some small. Some of these deals might be beneficial or not. But, now is the time to try and find new games to try before the prices go back to their regular, expensive, ways.