Experience the magic with Hogwarts Legacy gameplay details


Image provided by Geek Culture

Jake Su, Writer

When one of the biggest entertainment IPs in the world is making a blockbuster game, both invested fans and interested players are bound to take notice, and that is certainly the case for Avalanche Software and Warner Bros.

Interactive Entertainment’s upcoming Hogwarts Legacy. With a February release on the horizon, the team has since given us more of a taste with a brand-new showcase.

Running over 45 minutes long, it contains a wealth of information for anyone looking to enter the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy early next year.

With players entering the school as a fifth-year student, life at the academy is far from mundane. You can be sure that there will be plenty of quests, collectibles and magical shenanigans going on throughout the entirety of your stay there.

Considering that we are kind of new to the magic game, it will take some hard work in order to catch up to your more illustrious classmates.

This can be done via the many quests found in Hogwarts Legacy, covering aspects like combat, collections, and more, or via optional classes, where you can master your spells and learn more about your professors.

Combat is quite prominent in the game, and you can certainly do some damage whether it be in the duelling club or outside the walls of the academy, just make sure you are ready for the challenge that lies ahead.

Hogwarts Legacy will also provide a robust character creator to make a wizard to call your own, including a wide variety of hairstyles and visual additions. If you ever wanted a change, there is also a barber shop you can visit in Hogsmeade to adopt a new look.

Naturally, with a storied history, it would be impossible to include everything fans love about the franchise in Hogwarts Legacy, and the developers acknowledged as much.

Bad news for those looking for Quidditch, Gobstones, or Wizard’s Chess, those are not exactly part of the experience.

With just a few more months to go before Hogwarts Legacy arrives, we are sure to see more details from the studio. It should give us plenty of time to get even more excited, or ponder whether to get that floating wand from the collector’s edition to add to our hoard.