Open your Mind and Soul at Sacred Yoga


Lilly Ryken

About 40-50 percent of college students are physically inactive. Engaging in physical activities on a regular basis is one of the main factors in maintaining good health. College students are busy, and stressed, but these two elements are the biggest reasons as to why you should try yoga.

“Yoga is great for college students because you guys have a lot of stress,” Rachel Stratton, instructor and manager of Sacred Yoga said. “Looking back at my college experience, it was one of the more stressful times in my life, so I think that is the prime reason I would recommend a student do yoga.”

Sacred Yoga is the new yoga studio in Norfolk, The mission to create and maintain a secret place where people, and all stages of life and journeys, can come together and experience and explore their breath and meditation techniques.

“I really enjoy the slower practices. I came in with the mentality of making yoga a workout, but then realized it really isn’t all about physical health,” Northeast student Hanna Marshall said. “I spent my whole life going to a gym not realizing yoga is what my mind needed. It’s so refreshing and calming.”

Sacred Yoga has at least one practice a day and offers 10 different yoga classes. From gentle flow to evening burn, Sacred Yoga has a class that will meet your specific needs. While offering a variety of Sacred Yoga offers a variety of different yoga practices ranging from slow flow to workouts.

“Whether you’re a person that exercises a lot, or doesn’t exercise a lot, I think you can get something out of it,” mathematics instructor Stacey Aldag said. “Besides the exercise aspect, there’s meditation and there’s also just simply taking care of yourself. I think that hits on a lot of things that students need in their life.”

As a student, conflicts arise from time-to-time, you didn’t finish your math homework, you have an exam tomorrow, you also work a part-time job, or you’re not getting along with your roommates. These are all common struggles a student experiences in college. Yoga can help with this, reducing stress and adding confidence to help ease your mind and make it a little more clear, so you can feel at peace.

“I really enjoyed yoga because it is different than most the workouts I do,” Northeast student Kinsey Skillstad said. “I’m on the volleyball team so I’m used to being in the gym. I’ve never really thought about flexibility and how it relates to my coordination. Anyone that is wanting to start working out but doesn’t know how or where to start should definitely try yoga. It’s nice because you have guidance throughout the entire practice. There’s no competition, just you and your mat.”

If interested in trying yoga, stop by Sacred Yoga on Benjamin Avenue at any time, the first class is free. If you enjoy and would like to keep coming, classes are 40 dollars a month for students. Grow a better relationship with yourself through yoga, namaste.