Youth to the People Kale and Green Tea Cleanser

Lilly Ryken


For so long I have been looking for the best overall skin cleanser and I think I finally found it. I’m going to be reviewing Youth to the People’s cleanser.

I personally have dry skin and every cleanser I used felt like it stripped the oils from my skin, leaving it so dry that it was hard to even smile. I would fix that by using way too much moisturizer and that made my face feel greasy.

This was until I came across Youth to the People’s Kale and Green Tea cleanser. On the sales floor this product looks amazing. It’s very clean and natural looking to the packaging.

After using it I felt like the product gave me a very deep cleanse and I had the perfect level of hydration.

Although I don’t wear face makeup, I’ve talked to multiple people who wear makeup on a daily basis, and they said this is their favorite cleanser that they use to remove all the makeup and deep cleanse their skin. So, if you are someone who wears makeup, I highly recommend this product to you.

I love the results of this product, but I also like the ingredients. Normally I fall in love with the result of the product and then I look at the ingredient list and I fall out of love with the product. Not with the Kale and Green Tea cleanser.

Youth to the People is a plant based brand, so their skincare is vegan cruelty free, and sustainably sourced. They use glass packaging which is better for the environment compared to plastic and the ink they use is vegetable derived ink so you can scrub the ink off after to reuse the product.

The first ingredient I love about this product is Vitamin B5. you really want to find this ingredient in all your skincare products in my opinion. Not only does it help hydrate the skin, it also helps to build up our skin’s natural protective barrier so that we are more resistant against sun damage aging pollution protection, and much more.

Vitamin C helps to fight against environmental damage and helps to brighten the skin and has some anti-aging properties.

Alfalfa extract has so many benefits. Its main purpose is to soothe the skin which I find great for the redness and irritation of my skin. It helps make dull skin look brighter. It also has different forms of vitamins in it. Which are all good for skincare.