Students started off fall at Husker Harvest Days

Lilly Ryken

Agriculture’s leading companies connect farmers by hosting exhibitors showing their updated farm equipment, tractors, combines and additional farming supplies and services. Northeast Community College came to promote the school and the majors that lie within the Husker Harvest theme.

Mechanical agriculture, electrical construction and control, veterinary technology, auto body technology, drafting, welding and more career fields that NECC offers, came to represent their major.

It was Eric Ternus’ first year attending Husker Harvest. Ternus is the drafting instructor at NECC. Drafting comes in three different concentrations, architectural, mechanical and structural. All three concentrations used 3D printing in each category. Each individual major brought examples to represent their major.

“We brought a couple examples of floor plans for future students to see exactly what our blueprints would look like,” Ternus said. “We’re looking for anyone who is looking to further their education in drafting. Our main goal is to educate anyone and everyone that is interested in construction, but they maybe don’t want to work outside, and would rather work in an inside environment. This career would be a great choice for anyone who may be thinking this way.”

The booth set up next to the drafting display was the diesel tech career field.

“For people who are maybe looking at going into diesel technology, we brought some engines for people to tear down, put back together and make it run again.” Said Jonathan Lance, diesel technology instructor.

The engine Lance brought along to Husker Harvest days brought a lot of attention to Northeast’s booth because of the loud sound it makes when starting up the engine.

“I brought two students along with me to guide participants through the process,” he said. It really looked like everyone was having fun with the props we brought.”

Lance had some examples to portray what studying diesel technology hands on looks like.

Robert Noonan, agriculture instructor, came to represent his part in agronomy.

“My job here today is to inform people of what agronomy is because you would be surprised on how many people don’t know,” Noonan said.

Agronomy is the application of science technology from the fields of biology, chemistry, economics and more. In more simple terms, it is plant science, and food production.

“When you become an agronomist, you are one of the building blocks in the food production industry.” Noonan said. “My goal today was to encourage students to go into the agriculture field and educate students on what agriculture is all about.”


Not only did instructors attend Husker Harvest days, but students whose majors were represented, also had the opportunity to attend. Megan Coffey, student who studies veterinary technology and Kelcie Hall, student who studies agronomy and agricultural business, both hopped on the opportunity to visit Husker Harvest Days.

“The turn out today was really good and I’m so happy we attended” Hall said. I’ve had a great experience here at NECC and I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell others who are thinking about studying agriculture what a great program we have.”

“Not only did we come to show what the agriculture department at NECC as to offer, but we also came to thank the businesses that have directly helped the agriculture departments.” Coffey said. “It overall was a great experience.”