Medias Arts Program Applying in Class Learning to Real Life Situations at Husker Harvest Days


Media arts students at Husker Harvest Days

Natalie Laurent

Northeast’s Media Arts students filmed at Husker Harvest Days and networked with vendors at the event Sept. 15-16.

Husker Harvest Days is a huge event for agricultural vendors and spectators. Showcasing farm equipment, seed and crop products, as well as farm supplies. An event like this allows the students part of the broadcasting major to gain real life experience in the media arts realm. Students learn to communicate with business owners and apply their skills they learn in school to connect with others.

“This experience was more fun for the students than challenging, they were allowed to create their ideas on their own,” Media Arts Instructor Brian Anderson said.

With hundreds of different vendors at Husker Harvest Days students at Northeast had two days to create content and gain project service hours for class. This event allowed the students to get out of the classroom and get into hands on situations they may see in the future in their line of work.

“My favorite part was walking around all the vendors and getting to network with business owners,” Irvan Dohmen said.

Each branch of the media arts program attended and contributed to the event. Audio students helped with interviews and running Northeast’s vendor music and audio functions, and cinema majors filmed interviews of many different vendor owners.

“As a broadcasting major, our main goal of the day was to push out content for Northeast and the people hosting vendors at the event,” Cristopher Thiem said.

After every interview, the students would have it edited and ready for publishing by the end of the day.

“I wouldn’t change anything, it went fantastic, and the students did a really good job of sending out the content they were creating in a short period of time,” Anderson said.