Student Activities and Prizes

lilly ryken

Northeast Community College Student Activities Center has had endless amounts of prizes throughout this year. Everywhere from crewneck sweatshirts to flannel pants, baseball hats, to camping mugs, water bottles, puzzles, and plants. The list goes on forever.


Carissa Kollath, Director of Student Activities said, “This year has been interesting compared to our normal years.”


Due to Covid-19, a majority of NECC’s campus is online this year for health precautions. Because of this, SAC has learned to adapt to the virtual world.


“We really pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone, but it was a pleasure doing that for the students.” Student Activities Coordinator Erika Rupprecht said.


“One of our best virtual events, hands down I would say is the Goose Chase.” Kollath said. The Goose Chase is basically an online scavenger hunt. You post photos and answer questions, there are also some challenges to go along with it.


“With the scavenger hunt being in play, I’ve noticed we have some really creative students who make me laugh a lot.” Kollath said.


“The most successful in person event was probably the welcome back picnic, students really enjoyed that event” Rupprecht said, and Kollath added, “yes, that day was really fun and for the students. I saw a lot of friendships were made at that event.”


If you’re interested in the theater production of Taxi Taberna, the opening is tonight, April 29th of 2021. SAC will be there handing out camping mugs. Make sure to stop by the theater production for the show and a prize.


“Next week’s “Take a Break Tuesday” event is going to be word art.” Where students can pick a word and each letter is a picture. For example, if the word were “apple,” the letter “A” could be a ladder shaped like an “A.” And do the same throughout the whole word.


This event will be held in the Union. So, if you’re interested, come to the new Student Activities Center to see it and make some word art.


Next Wednesday for “Wacky Wednesday” there will be cornholes, corn dogs, and corn chips. So, if you’re hungry next Wednesday and you like corn, make sure to check out the cornhole tournament.


“The following week for “Take a break Tuesday” will be cap decorating for graduation. We’re going to ask our grads to come and bring their caps, we’ll have some supplies they can decorate with.” Kollath said.

She also mentioned that if you’re not graduating, feel free to come hangout!


“For the final Wacky Wednesday, we will be handing out doughnuts and energy drinks. Also, on May 17th the Union Center will be opening and we plan on having coffee and doughnuts in there.” Kollath said.


“This message is more for freshmen but, if you’re coming back next year, be ready because it’s going to be so much fun with things going back to normal.”


“My best college memories and lifelong friendships were made outside the classroom and that’s what I, and Student Activities goal is. To provide opportunities for you to try new hobbies and make new friends, and really get the most out of your college experience.” Kollath said.


Make sure to check out SAC on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat for more events and information.