End of the year wrap up at Northeast

Natalie Laurent

The end of the school year is coming up for Northeast. Students are preparing for the end of the semester to come. The beginning of summer is right around the corner.

Students are asked to clear out of the dorms on May 19th before 5pm. Students are also asked to take out any trash, remove sticky tack or pins from the walls, and make sure no food is left behind.

Students can sign up for express checkout by completing the online form sent out to their school emails. Students who sign up for express checkout will then receive an envelope in their mailbox. Before the students leave campus, they will then put their mailbox key, room door key, and ID Card in the envelope and place it in the express checkout box located at the Hawks Point front desk.

Students are allowed one guest to help them move out. Some helpful tips to consider from the RA’s when moving out is bringing boxes and trash bags to store items. As well as tissue or newspaper to wrap any dishes or breakable items up.

Next school year will bring new changes such as campus opening up fully, and the new Union 73 building. Which will have another dinning area, hangout lounge, and study rooms. As well as the library and Hawk shop will be moving to the new location come this fall.

“I’m looking forward to the new building to open up, this will allow more opportunities to meet new people and connect with friends,” Colby Richart said.