The Plan for Spring Sports

Lilly Ryken

Northeast’s sports teams have seen their schedules thrown off, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting ready to play. The athletes say they are eager, in shape and prepared to take on the upcoming season.

During the fall for basketball, the womens’ team worked on drills and lifting. Basketball player Kelly Kleffner said that this year has been a struggle for her, just as it has for every athlete.

She said that last year the whole basketball team was able to train together. This year, the basketball team must take turns in the training room. The girls must keep as much distance from each other when they are in the gym unless they are doing drills. Scrimmaging is at a minimum, and they are mostly focusing on getting better as an individual athlete.

“The biggest struggle for me was having to practice with a mask. Practices that we have to wear a mask were challenging.” Kelly said. She hopes this year that the girls can take their individualized talent and make a strong basketball team.

The men’s basketball team had seven sophomores graduate last year.

“I think the biggest struggle is our experience on the court,” Michael Anderson said. “This year there isn’t as much experience with Justin Hiser and me being the only returners.”

Anderson said he is is thankful for having so many good influencers the previous year. He and Hiser both now know the correct way to be a team leader. This way they can have a successful season.

For baseball, the season is not guaranteed and can be shut down at any time. The boys must keep a positive attitude and a healthy body said Anderson.

Masks must be worn by the baseball players everywhere they go. At the beginning of the season the boys started off in groups until they were cleared to have team practices. After they got the okay to have team practices, everything went smoothly, said baseball player Brandon Nicks.

“We have quite a bit of young guys this year, including myself,” said Nicks. “Some goals we have as a team consist of winning and losing as a team, keeping a consistent team batting average above .300, and to win our conference. The ultimate goal is to make it to the College World Series.”

Nicks is excited to get started again in early January, he said.

The volleyball team has adjusted to the circumstances of COVID-19 nicely.

“The team’s chemistry has seen improvement since last year,” volleyball player Jessica Borg said. “The thing I struggled with most would be making sure I am the leader that should be, setting good examples, and doing my best.” Borg Said.

All sports teams at Northeast are ready to start the new season. They are all hoping for improvement, growth and stronger team bonds.