Chance to win prizes with Student Activities Center

Lilly Ryken

The Student Activities Center is wanting you to come participate in activities.

This year student activities have been a bit odd due to Covid19, but this has not stopped Carissa Kollath, director of SAC, and Erika Rupprecht, SAC coordinator, from creating activities at NECC.

Throughout this semester, they have had quite a few activities. Some of the in-person activities include a day at the lake. Students went kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding. At this event, they gave out tickets for students to tube down the Elkhorn River. On Monday’s, Northeast plays a movie at the drive-in movie theater. Northeast can continue the tradition of having Movie Monday, all while keeping healthy, and socially distanced.

He attended the movie last week and said he had a great time. He also reported that the motivational speaker, Ethan Fisher, was very interesting to listen to.

“I feel like they’re doing an amazing job for the situation we are in.” said Blake Barling, sophomore.

Virtually, NECC has had national performers, such as Ethan Fisher, perform. Game nights, speed friending and virtual bingo, are also ways Kollath and Rupprecht try to engage students they said.

Not only do students get to have fun for free, but students can also earn prizes. Rupprecht said one of her favorites right now is this socially distancing T-shirt. The shirt has a picture of the mascot, Squawk, who has a mask on and toilet paper in his hand. Students can earn plenty of T-shirts while participating in these activities. The face mask and stickers the students received at the beginning of this semester are of from SAC, also.

Some activities coming up include, Jazzy after meal, where students learn how to cook. People can participate by making their own version of the meal, or cooking the food by the recipe. During this, students can enter to win prizes such as an air fryer, a sauté pan and rubber maids.

Ethan Fisher will be back for a second time and he will be talking about mental health and alcohol for mental illness week. For national depression screening day, there is an activity planned with the counselor. Intramurals are also a part of SAC. Soon there will be a FIFA tournament.

If a student ever has any ideas or questions about the activities, they are always welcome to give their input. SAC can be contacted. through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are.The user for all these platforms is northeastsac. Students can also email SAC at [email protected].