Fall athletes continue practices

Natalie Laurent

Practice continues for fall athletes, even though their seasons’ have been postponed.

It has been six months into the pandemic and the call to either still have sporting events or to call off seasons not yet universally set in stone.

For campus’s like Northeast who have decided to postpone fall sports until next spring, student athletes are still practicing and putting in work during their extended off season. For some students it can be frustrating being told one minute they can play and the next their season is over before it even started.

“It’s a bummer our season was postponed, and I hope that we can still play in the spring,” Ivan Castillo said.

Both men’s and women’s soccer teams are continuing to train and keep their momentum going until the spring season comes.

Students are encouraged to stay motivated and positive for the future that sports such as soccer, volleyball and baseball can still have their season — even if it’s next spring.

Athletes from Northeast’s softball team still have practice and workouts together. February is a long way away for these athletes who are anxious to play.

“Usually softball is an all year round sport for Northeast, but this year since our fall season is postponed our first game is now supposed to be in February next year,” Jocelyn Rodgers said.

Campus life is a little different this year without as many students living on campus and less group activities to do. Without any sports happening this season, spectators are at a loss too. Sports are a source of entertainment to people. Some attend games for the social aspect. Northeast is doing all that they can do create the campus life atmosphere that once was.

There is only so much that can be done during the pandemic to eliminate the spread. Most people have been cooped up inside all summer with nothing to do. It’s hard breaking the news to people that they can’t have their sports season, or can’t go back to school. For some people that means not even leaving their house to go get groceries from the store. Looking back on how life used to be before the shutdown of schools and businesses there was one thing that seemed to connect the country as a whole, which is sports.