The future of web designing for businesses


Kaylea Kuhlman, Editor In Chief

NORFOLK- Have you ever found yourself searching through a business’s website to find information? Or gotten lost looking for a button to take you to the right page? We have all been in this position and sometimes it takes way too much time. 

A good website and social media marketing can mean the difference between making a sale and not making a sale.  

Every business needs a unique online platform to meet its consumers. A website and graphic designer help businesses with this connection. These designers work closely with businesses to develop the perfect vision for their brand. Services range from helping create an eye-catching logo, form easy to use websites and marketing a businesses’ products or services on their social media to reach customers.  

Businesses can find extreme benefits in using these services, but most importantly they are able to reach a much wider span of customers.  

According to Smart Insights, “there are now 3.484 billion social media users across the globe. . . This equates to 45 percent of the world’s population being on social media.” This number is predicted to keep growing throughout the year.  

The future is bigger and brighter than ever when it comes to social media marketing and website designing.  

Many consumers like to engage with businesses online when they have a question or comment they would like to send, so 24/7 customer service and customer engagement on social media will need to be a big factor in the future of online marketing.  

Consumers are already looking for extremely convenient, fast and friendly services. Smart Insights also says that 37 percent of customers are expecting a response from a business in under 30 minutes of sending the message.  

In addition to convenience, having mobile friendly websites and free downloadable applications will play a massive role in customer usage than ever before. Using a desktop computer or a laptop is slowly becoming less and less needed. 

Having a custom app for a brand comes with a long list of benefits. It can create a new way for businesses to reach customers through an account and even getting notifications sent to their phone. It also allows customers to get set up with a reward system and exclusive discounts. Who could say no to that? 

With a huge variety of businesses comes a huge variety of websites and branding. In the future there will need be a lot of more unique, high quality brands that will have to really stand out to their target market. 

Creative says that in the future of web design, design and analytics will join forces. This will create a better experience for all the consumers, creating a much larger target market. 

Creative also says in “The Future of Web Design” that animation will start becoming a trend. It has been shown that a post will receive more engagement when there is a visual form of content along with the post, such as a video, GIF or photo. They predict that this animation method will continue to websites, but in a clean and professional manner to draw attention detail.