Northeast Community College holds special ceremony for veterinary technology students


Special to the Viewpoint

NORFOLK – Students enrolled in Northeast Community College’s veterinary technology program received their coats and pins at a special ceremony held recently in Norfolk.

Members of the class of 2020 received their veterinary technician pins. Members of the Class of 2021 were awarded a monogrammed white coat to mark their formal acceptance into the program.

Dr. Michael Cooper, veterinary technology program director, opened the ceremony followed by comments from Dr. Leah Barrett, president of Northeast. Ryann Henn, veterinary technology instructor, administered the Veterinary Technician’s Oath to the students. Veterinary Technician instructors Dr. Amanda Hafer and Josh Schlote, and sophomore class representative Halie Fleecs, Sutherland, also spoke at the ceremony.

The program is designed to prepare entry-level veterinary technicians through classroom study, laboratory, and clinical practice with fundamental veterinary technician skills. After successful completion of the program, students should be able to successfully complete the licensing requirements.

Hafer praised the dedication and patience of the veterinary technician students this year. She said all students at Northeast apply themselves, but the veterinary technology students are special.

“No other students on campus are required to care for live patients seven days a week. I don’t think that any other students on this campus have as much outside of class time that they must devote to their area of studies. I’m not saying the other programs on campus aren’t difficult or time consuming; all the students at Northeast work hard, but I think that ours are the best.”

Guest speaker, Dr. Sarah Keiser Czarnick, veterinarian at Keystone Veterinary Services in Humphrey, offered several pieces of advice to the students, one of which is to for each of them to develop their own story.

“Stop comparing your situation – your life to others. You are unique and your story should be too,” she said. “Be proud at what you excel in; what your passions are; always strive to be better than the person you were yesterday; and define your own success, not based on someone else’s ideas.”

In-state veterinary technology students who received their white coats at the ceremony included Esmeralda Arreguin, Newman Grove; Nikki Boyer, Stapleton; Erin Clocker, Norfolk; Katrina Enderson, Columbus; Breanna Fahrenholz, Stuart; Payton Gnat, Pierce; Cindy Haselhorst, Randolph; Maddison Hyde, Gibbon; Megan Olson, Tekamah; Ellie Peters, Norfolk; Megan Pfohl, Lincoln; Tessa Schaecher, Battle Creek; Kristen Snodgrass, Neligh; Olivia Stillman, Hooper; Haley Thompson, Comstock; and Sarah Wolfe, Winside.

Out-of-state students receiving white coats were Mary Carroll, Harlan, IA; Ashley Moore, White Lake, SD; and Samantha Whitney, Gregory, SD; Paige Winge, Sioux City, IA

These sophomore students received their pins at the ceremony: Morgan Bideaux, Lincoln; Kelley Bode, Burwell; Sarah Bower, Columbus; Kimberly Brandt, Grand Island; Sara Bulin, Bruning; Kendra Cooper, Lincoln; Alexis Domsch, Norfolk; Halie Fleecs, Sutherland; Marcus Kinney, Lincoln; Brittany McConnell, Neligh; Annastasia McCracken, Cozad; Melissa McFarland, Norfolk; Melissa Mootz, Beatrice; Mina Murphy, Arlington; Alexa Roper, Lincoln; Clare Sidner, Lincoln; Taylor Stephens, Lincoln; Kristin Weeder, Lindsay; and Kiley Wiedeman, Stanton.

One out-of-state student, Cassie Jensen, Oldham, SD, also received a pin.   

Friends, family members and supporters of the students also attended the ceremony.