What’s Trending? On Twitter!- October 23rd


Kaylea Kuhlman, Editor in Chief

#RewriteATvOrMovieEnding- Twitter users use their imagination to redo the endings of various Television shows or movies. Many users use pictures, GIFS and videos to express their ideas.

CELEBRITIES- Mark Zuckerberg (#Zuckerberg) was trending during the day because he testified at Capital Hill. Most would assume the tweets would revolve around that, however, the majority of tweets under the hashtag revolved around Zuckerbergs hair look.

POLITICS- The leading trend of the day appears to be “National Security” with over 200k people tweeting on the subject. There was also #LockThemAllUp, “Capitol Police”, “SCIF”,  “House Republicans” and #ArrestGaetz also trending in regards to the same issue.  Republican representatives tried to break into the SCIF, “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility”, with their smartphones that can be hacked easily, where there was going to be a private conversation on Trump’s impeachment request.

VIDEO GAMES- “Kid Icarcus Uprising” and “Bethesda” were trending today for two very seperate reasons.

Many people were not happy about this new service announcement because of the very, very high price they would have to pay.