Northeast’s Broadcasting program is ‘hands on and hands in’


Kaylea Kuhlman, Reporter

NORFOLK — The Northeast Community College Broadcasting program has a lot to offer students to help them build necessary skills for their future careers.  

The program is very wide ranged as more technology and the internet is becoming more advanced. Broadcasting includes many different levels. There is radio and TV broadcasting, and there are lots involved in that. There is also streaming media and online media because all the content produced shows up on different online resources such as websites like Facebook  and YouTube.

“It is inclusive of all on types of media on many different platforms as a way to reach an audience,” Broadcasting instructor Brian Anderson said. 

Having careers and individuals in the Broadcasting field is very important for consumers. Everybody listens to the radio, everyone watches TV, we all pull up our phones and watch social media content, somebody has to make those. In order for you to watch it listen to it, absorb it, somebody has to make those things. That is what our Broadcasting program will do — help them create it, and push it and reach an audience, Anderson said.  

There are many ways that the Broadcasting program at Northeast is unique. “We like to get students hands on and hands in almost immediately. By the end of week two they are already learning how to run radio consoles, operate video cameras and operate media, and are learning how to edit video,” Anderson said.  

The Broadcasting department has shown many successes in the past. They have won awards from the Nebraska Broadcasters Association and a National Championship award from Skills USA in Broadcast News Production.  

When a student leaves the Broadcasting program at Northeast they are going to leave with a great number of skills. They will be able to record audio, mix it, produce it, get it ready for broadcast and online media. They will also be able to record video and do online video editing, do production of many different types of video pieces both in depth and short for news and even fly a drone, Anderson said.  

A student that has come through the Broadcasting program at Northeast will be able to gain a variety of careers. Anything from a radio announcer to even radio program directors, music directors, news and sports directors. Same thing for television as well, television directors, master control operators, video producers, the options are endless. With the recent addition of classes like drone operations, even drone pilots, Anderson said.  

Northeast provides all the necessary classes to help students obtain the knowledge and success they are seeking. Broadcasting students will take anything from radio production and performance, which is applied radio, hands on operating a radio station, scheduling your own music, announcing their own breaks in weather, reaching an audience that way. They also offer TV production and performance and that is in many different levels there. Students go from learning how to operate a camera, audio and lighting all the way down to producing a commercials and PSA’s, live news shows and live sports casts and live sports shows, Anderson said.