Digital Cinema and Media program


Austin Graves, Editor

The Northeast Community College Digital Cinema program is an amazing program that nobody really knows about. It is not just this program, but all the media arts programs. The only way people normally hear about the programs is word of mouth. Being there is not much advertising for the program — that results in not many kids coming to study it. I hope to see that change in the future because it is an amazing program to study.

The Digital Cinema program has a lot of cool and amazing gear for the students to use. From professional cameras, lighting and a studio to shoot in. Most of the equipment that you use here you will use out in the field. The instructors at Northeast really do an amazing job teaching you the science behind how everything works. From the cameras to how light reacts in a space. If you are struggling with any topic in class they will take the time to make sure that you understand it. They will try and schedule time out of class to help you.

Carli Huston said, “It is just super comforting to know that I have amazing instructors in my corner that are willing to help me with whatever I need. Almost whenever I need it. Because their hours are super flexible. They have always been there for me and the other students.”

That is one of the reasons I love this program so much. The instructors actually show that they care. They are not trying to just get you through the program. They want you to go through the program and excel at it. The instructors allow the students to have access to all these amazing facilities that are here at Northeast. They want you to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, and become better and better every day.

I think the most important thing that the Digital Cinema program provides for the students that come through the program, is the knowledge of working in the industry. They tell you exactly what to expect. They tell us what they have experienced and how they reacted to situations that have come up while they have been working for production companies. That is such a great advantage for the students. To hear those stories help prepare the student for their future working environments.

Drew Dolezal said, “The Cinema program really prepares you for life outside of college. They get you ready to work in a media arts environment. They give you a really good foundation and with that foundation you can build yourself up into being a true media arts professional.”

Here at Northeast the Digital Cinema program will allow that individual that has always wanted to tell stories, to start telling stories through a lens. You will experience things that you never thought you would, and challenge yourself in ways that will not just better you as a filmmaker but also make you a better person. The Digital Cinema program has changed my life and I hope you allow it to change yours too.