Concentrating on Audio Recording and Technology


Pauline Chiungwiza

NORFOLK– At Northeast Community College, students are trained by their instructors to enhance and improve their skills according to their program of study. One of the concentrations in the media arts department is audio recording and technology, and it is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the audio engineering field.

The concentrated program offers instructions on different preparatory skills such as music recording, audio for video post-production as well as live sound which is incorporated into concert performances.

Anthony Beardslee, audio recording and technology instructor mentioned in an interview that one of the things that makes the audio program unique is that it is offered at an affordable rate. Beardslee also added that this makes students less pressured and more in-tune with thinking about their growth process in the field.

Northeast also provides purpose-built facilities. There are readily available classrooms and areas which emulate the actual career field. They were designed and built to be recording studios, television studios and broadcast studios. Students therefore use these areas to works on their skills.

Along with facilities that give the students in the audio program an experience related to their actual career field, these students must take several classes teaching them the basics of their course. Classes such as physics of sound, audio recording techniques and an audio lab are classes they must take to obtain a degree in the program.

“ One of the greatest quotes I’ve ever heard from one of the people I associate with is that, ‘the job of the audio engineer is the technical communication manager between a performers art and their audience,” Beardslee said, “So whatever it takes to get that artists vision to their audience, whether its technology or recording techniques — that’s what the recording engineer or the audio engineer is doing.

Making sure to have all their information available for people who are interested in the program but are not a part of it yet, the audio program has a contact page that is accessible through the page. The page also includes a question and answer form that helps them keep track of anyone interested in the program. To learn more about the Audio Recording program, reach out to their question page at