Northeast veterinary technology students receive coats and pins at ceremony


Special to the Viewpoint

NORFOLK – Students enrolled in Northeast Community College’s veterinary technology program received their coats and pins at a special ceremony held recently in Norfolk.

Members of the class of 2019 received their veterinary technician’s pins. Members of the Class of 2020 were awarded a monogrammed white coat to mark their formal acceptance into the program.

Dr. Mike Cooper, veterinary technology program director, opened the ceremony followed by comments from Lyle Kathol, vice president of educational services and Stacey Aldag, math instructor. Josh Schlote, veterinary technology instructor, administered the Vet Tech’s oath to the students. Veterinary Technician Instructor Dr. Amanda Hafer and Veterinary Technology Club President Terri Molt, Albion, also spoke at the event.

Kathol remarked on the significance of the ceremony for the students.

“Life is all about first steps. You took a first step when you entered college. Shortly, you’ll take your first formal step toward your veterinary technician career by taking an oath to serve in a career field that will be challenging but also very rewarding and, as you may already know, definitely time consuming. This first step is a journey that will be the most fantastic journey you will ever take. The white coat you are donned with today indicates your acceptance of another level of responsibility and dedication. Wear it with pride and never forget this first step.”

Hafer detailed the many types of care veterinary technicians perform each day as part of their work.

“Those of you who have received your pins or your coats are working toward earning an associate of applied science degree in veterinary technology, a degree that strongly supports caring for animals, caring for their owners, caring about science and medicine, caring about food safety and caring about continuing education, so that you can be the best licensed veterinary technicians out in the field.”

Friends, family members and supporters of the students attended the ceremony.

Students who received their white coats at the ceremony included Morgan Bideaux, Lincoln; Sara Bulin, Bruning; Erika Burritt, Osceola; Kendra Cooper, Lincoln; Laurel Driver, Hartington; Ranger Gunville, Eagle Butte, SD; Justine Hartmann,Armour, SD; Hannah Hilger, Hartford, SD; Korey Huffman, Decatur; Mariah Jensen, Gresham; Josephine Jonas, Avon, SD; Marcus Kinney, Lincoln; Courtney Mangus, Fullerton; Annastasia McCracken, Cozad; Melissa McFarland, Norfolk; Nikole Mewhirter, Albion; Zia Moore, Oakdale; Melissa Mootz, Beatrice; Mina Murphy, Arlington; Dara Ness, Kennebec, SD; Alexa Roper, Lincoln; Mia Scott, Columbus; Clare Sidner, Lincoln; and Taylor Stephens, Lincoln.

These sophomore students were pinned at the ceremony: Kimberly Calderon, Wakefield; Gabrielle Dwinell, Winside; Rachel Eisenbruan, Rapid City, SD; Morgan Eisenhauer, Beemer; Megan Fink, Wausa; Samantha Glassmeyer, Laurel; Ashley Harlow, Norfolk; Caitlin Manzey, Watertown, SD; and Terri Molt, Albion.

For more information on the Northeast Community College vet tech program, contact Dr. Cooper at (402) 844-7190.