Viewpoint students find fashion styles for $15

Pauline Chiungwiza, Reporter


Rearranging closets according to the change in seasons is a norm for everyone who wants to have stylish, yet convenient and comfortable clothing throughout the season. Buying new clothes for the winter, summer or fall doesn’t seem like that much of an issue. But it can be for college or university students on a tight budget.

People usually cringe at the idea of taking their time rummaging through clothes in a thrift store just to leave with only one piece of clothing. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. Generally,thrifting to find good yet affordable clothes is indeed time-consuming, but taking the time to go through the clothing racks at Goodwill and/or Salvation Army will leave you with a complete outfit for only $15 or less.

My friends at the Viewpoint and I tried out this theory. Each of us represented a season. We assigned ourselves to go to find a full outfit for the season we represented – shoes included — by going through the clothes at Goodwill for an hour. And we left the store completely successful.

If you are a college student on a tight budget and you need a loophole to get the clothes you really want or need to upgrade your wardrobe for the season. Try out our $15 Fashion Challenge and keep the trend going by telling your sister, brother and/or friends that the theory worked for you and your budget.

Post a photo of your outfit and where you got it using the hashtag#15FashionChallenge.