Why should students join The Viewpoint?


My name is Hunter Bergman, a business administration major interested in mass media. I decided to work for The Viewpoint the second semester of my freshman year and learn more about the digital world. My goal was to start a podcast and learn more about marketing analytics.

The first step on my journey was to make the decision to join and figure out how to bring my idea to reality. I knew I wanted to create a podcast, but I wasn’t sure what that entailed. That’s how the “Hawkcast” series was started, including eight episodes that highlighted the diversity on campus. With guests from over four countries, I had the opportunity to learn about new cultures and parts of society that I did not know existed. This series was purely audio and can be found on the Viewpoint Youtube channel or the Hawkcast tab on our website.

Not only in my first semester did I produce a podcast, but I learned website management, picture and video editing and how to properly shoot an interview. These are all skills that lead to further opportunities outside of the Viewpoint.

The second step on my adventure was to develop another podcast with video. This lead to the creation of “The Grind.” This was a four-episode series that interviewed student-athletes about how they stayed successful in the academic and sports sections of their lives. It was such an exciting project mainly because I had full control, and there wasn’t a teacher telling me to follow a rubric. The whole project relied on me, and  as a result I learned an incredible amount from each episode.

Overall, I believe The Viewpoint has guided my future on a different path unexpectedly.

If you are interested in joining The Viewpoint, contact us on any of our social media accounts.

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