Jonn Music


Austin Graves

Jonathan Montalvo is from Norfolk and is in his second year here at Northeast Community College. He is able to graduate in December, but he thinks he is going to take a couple more audio recording classes. He said, “I am always wanting to learn more about audio recording.”

Jonathan is always in the studio working on his craft. He really believes in hard work paying off in the future. Jonathan spends so much time in the studio that his dad has to remind him to take a break and get some rest. Some days I think Jonathan wishes he could bring his bed to the recording studio and sleep there.

Jonathan chose JONN, as his artist name, because of the artist Zedd.

He said, “l really liked that the way Zedd looked with two d’s. So I thought to add two n’s.” Jonathan is planning on making more covers in the future. In a couple months he wants to write his own single. He also does not want to be an artist that sticks with one genre of music. He wants to be very diverse with his music. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram Also, he has a YouTube channel Jonnmusic. There you can find his first cover of the song “Afraid” by Tenth Avenue North.

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