Hawks recap their fall semester


Kaylea Kuhlman, Reporter

NORFOLK — As the semester comes to a close, students reflect on what they have learned and experienced.

For most students this fall semester had a different outcome than they had expected it would. “It was a little bit tougher than I thought it would be. I signed up for difficult classes so I figured that, but I did not know I would have to study as much as I had to,” student Cody Borgelt said. Steven Hamling faced this issue as well, “I signed up for the hard classes so I should have spaced that out more,” he said.

Freshman students had to learn and adjust to their new lifestyle. “My semester had gone a lot differently than I expected. It was different by the way my classes are organized and how my schedule is the same every single day,” student Jacqueline said.

Northeast Community College provides students with the materials and guidance they need when the semester is not going in the right direction. “This semester didn’t quite go as planned, but thankfully there is always ways you can find help when something goes awry. You never really have to stress too hard because there is someone there to try to guide you through it,” sophomore Corey Journey said. For other students, the semester went better than they thought it would. “I got the best grades I have gotten since beginning college. From my freshman year, I learned what to do and what not to do, so it helped there,” Elizabeth Kremlasek said.

College students go through lots of trials and errors throughout a semester, but they can use these lessons to learn from and use in the next semester. A few Northeast students have learned that they need to use their time wisely.

“Time management is something I need to work on which I figured out this semester,” Chantel said. Along with using time wisely, students also began to understand they should use that time to do their best. “Next semester I would definitely plan things out and not rush things, and do things last minute because that is what gets you in the end,” Journey said.

Learning to manage multiple assignments and tests is another challenge students faced this fall semester. “Next semester I will try to study more, be more efficient, do homework and get it done on time,”  Deavan Gehm said. A few students also faced the battle of procrastination. “I have a problem with procrastinating all the time so that is what I plan to change,” Borgelt said. Kremlasek learned from this problem, but is continuing to try to improve upon it, “this semester I stopped procrastinating more, but next semester I should try harder not to procrastinate and not do my homework last minute. I do that all the time and it does not help,” she said.

Students also reflected on the lessons they will take beyond the upcoming semesters and use for the rest of their life. “Pick and choose what you say and who you say it to,” Jacqueline said. “Another thing I learned is what you put into something is what you get out of it. If you put hard work into your school or sports than you are going to get a lot out of it. Same thing with friendships and other relationships, if you put loyalty and trust into them than they will do the same to you,” she said.

Hawks learned important things about attending college in general. “The most important thing I learned this semester is that college is just one chapter in your life. If you live everyday like it is just another day, then the next thing you know you are down the road two years,” Journey said. Kremlasek learned that she is on the right path for her future. “I realized that college actually matters, helps for your degree and for going into the work field,” Kremlasek said.