The college guide to keeping style in check


Pauline Chiungwiza

College can be a great time to experiment and discover personal style. Most students start to fall into a rut of wearing what’s most convenient, and that version of style is usually identical to everyone else’s. This usually happens because the excitement of being in a new environment has worn off and things like school and personal responsibilities start to pile up. However, there are ways to handle the responsibilities that come along during college and still be able to have a sense of expression.

Sometimes the reason people tend to dress so much alike in college is that they are afraid to look different. And, while this is totally understandable, it also, unfortunately, tends to get in the way of many people’s self-expression. Emina Hadzihusejnovic a student on the basketball team said that she would dress up and style herself up all the time if she could. “I only chose to wear leggings and hoodies because it feels comfortable, and it wouldn’t be weird because everyone else is wearing them too.” Hadzihusejnovic said. Students can take how they feel about the clothing they wear every day as a sign to keeping trying new things. Until they find a way to rock their own personal style.

A good place to start would be taking the clothes that are considered as ordinary and accessorize them. International student, Juanita Chikaluma said, “I firmly believe that the right accessories can take an outfit from plain to fabulous with little to no effort involved.” She also said that accessories work best for her because buying them can be cheaper compared to buying a whole new outfit. “So if I find that my outfits are looking a little bit repetitive, I add unique accessories into the mix,” Chikaluma said.

Since stylish and fashionable outfits can be expensive to afford especially for college students. Thrift or vintage shops can be a great way to participate in current trends without spending a lot of money. Buying clothing in thrift shops not only keeps savings intact, but it can also be a great source fashion inspiration when it comes to putting together beautiful and unique looks that might not necessarily be at the forefront of the fashion world. There is no better way to portray personality with the style that a person creates on their own.

“When it comes to thrifting, I make sure that I have as few expectations as possible. I hunt around for a while.”  Breanna Borgheiicnk said, “I never feel pressured to go all out, or even ask for opinions from others. At the end of the day, I score something spectacular without even realizing it.”

Often times in the fashion world, clothes are separated into categories, such as feminine, sporty and others. It’s often expected that if someone wears one thing from a specific category, the rest of the look will also involve pieces from that category. However, some of the best looks come up when pieces from clashing categories are paired together. This is why college girls who are looking express themselves with what they wear should try something from a totally different style and category.

Considering different hairstyles and makeup looks would enhance an everyday look. If wearing makeup is definitely an option then a skincare routine would also be a good idea, just to make sure that the makeup does not damage the natural skin tone.

College is a time for self-identification. It’s a time when people figure out what they truly want for themselves in any way possible, and style just happens to influence first impressions. So try to stand out in college, it boosts self-esteem which gives a chance to explore different parts of a person’s personality.