What are companies looking for in college students?

Hunter Bergman

One of the most important things about going to college is getting a job after. Yes, one graduates with a degree, but what skills are employers looking for?

As a business administration major, I had never even thought about going into the ag sector. It’s not that I have anything against it, but I always pictured it as just farmers and ranchers. It’s not really my style. On September 12 I had the privilege to interview several business professionals at Husker Harvest Days, which changed my perspective completely.

Kelly Staup, vice president of human resources at Lindsay Corporation, had time to talk with the Viewpoint about what they are looking for in future employees.

Lindsay Corporation mainly consists of irrigation systems and technology. They also have a hand in transportation solutions. For employees, they are looking for skilled trades, technology and electrical focuses. Of course they are still tied strongly to agricultural majors too.

So, how can students make themselves more appealing to a potential employer?

What really stuck out in this interview for me, was that Lindsay doesn’t require a certain level of experience, but they want employees to follow their passion. This leads to some important advice from Staup, “to really make sure you explore all of your options… ask a lot of questions and be curious.”

As an international business, Lindsay Corporation has locations in 90 different countries, including one in Northeast Nebraska. So, there are a lot of job opportunities for a student fresh out of college.

After this interview, it clicked. Agriculture is definitely not just farmers and ranchers. It is so much more, from the app Lindsay uses to control pivots to the electrical engineering creating different types of machinery.