First time at Husker Harvest


Austin Graves

The Viewpoint editors, Austin Graves and Hunter Bergman, went to Husker Harvest to help the Agriculture students at Northeast Community College know what future employers are looking for in employees.

As a person that has never been to Husker Harvest, I was surprised of the size of the event. It looked like a little city just outside of Grand Island.

Hunter and I had a plan to interview some companies that are partnered with the college. Also, we got interviews with big well-known companies like John Deere and Case IH.

The questions we focused on was what they are looking for in future employees. The other question we asked was how technology is going to play a bigger role in the agriculture industry.

The answers we got were the answers that you would expect. One answer from Lindsay Vice President, Human Resources, Kelly Staup said, “You should stay curious when you get out into the working world.” This answer was very surprising to me. Normally the answers you get is be a hard worker and be able to communicate with a team. To stay curious for someone going into any career will allow them to always improving their skills.

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