A look into the Tribine

Regan Dorcey, Reporter

Husker Harvest Days is an event that is held in Wood River (near Grand Island) each year around the second week of September. There is a variety of companies and schools that have booths. One of those companies was a company based out of Newton, Kansas, called Tribine.

Tribine is only three and a half years old that has already begun to change the way harvesting is done. “The Tribine is a combine harvester. Our biggest feature is that we have the grain cart attached to the back, so we have a 1,000 bushel grain cart.” Greg Leck, an engineer that works for Tribine, said.

The biggest advantage is that the traffic and compaction of using a grain cart and tractor goes away, which helps no-till farmers, especially. However, a disadvantage is that you will have to stop the combine to load, but overall it amounts to be around the same amount of time.

The Tribine is designed so it flexes in the middle. This design allows for the grain cart to hold so much. Inside the cab, the Tribine is ran using two joysticks. The Tribine is a green machine that is technology advanced for its time.