Thoughts on Mavic 2 Pro


Austin Graves

The recent release of the new Mavic 2 Pro drone has everybody talking and giving their thoughts on the aircraft.

As I researched and read articles I made the opinion that it was one of the best consumer drones that has been released on the market. I also was still a little skeptical because I was waiting for a trustworthy person to review and give their honest opinion of the new DJI drone.

Then on September 3rd, Peter Mckinnon uploaded a video to his YouTube channel. In this new video he reviews the new drone and all of the features.

He said, “the radio signal for him is a huge feature that he loves.” With the drone Mckinnon used before used a Wi-Fi signal and that made it very nerve-racking sending the drone far away to capture a shot. You never knew if the drone was going to be able to come back or lose signal with it.

He also touched on the drone being faster than the previous Mavic drone. Mckinnon says, “that can get you in trouble because you will need a couple feet for the “air brakes” to kick in and actually stop the drone.”

Although the Mavic 2 Pro has sensors all around the drone to help evade obstacles, if you are traveling at a high speed the drone won’t recognize the tree or whatever is in its path fast enough.

Other features of the Mavic Pro 2 that are new is the 1 inch CMOS Sensor and also a 10-bit Dlog-M. These new features will allow for better quality and detail with the images and video that the drone shot. Dlog-M allows the drone to capture more data from the video and photos that you shoot.

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