The Virtual Student: Socializing or at Least Trying


Kaity Bauer, Writer

Hello everybody! Welcome back to the misadventure that is my life. After my last article I feel like most of you are under the impression I have no friends. I am here to correct that I have friends, they just live about forty-five minutes away in Wayne, Nebraska. So, I have only one local friend, who works a lot, and can’t hang out often.

So, these last couple weeks I decided to conduct an experiment (cue evil laugh).

First, I changed my usual study spots. Usually, I study in downtown Norfolk, either at the Downtown Coffee Co. or the Natural Market (they have free WIFI and excellent tea). Now I study at the Student Center. A few observations, the vibe is very different. I am used to chill hipster vibes, not a pair of cowboy boots in sight. Now the vibe is the usual college campus, with a dash of country. Another observation, there is a lot more noise.  The few interactions with people I have had, are pleasant-ish. I got a couple up and down looks from people. I think it was regarding my style maybe? A head nod from a boy, I still don’t know how to interpret. Finally, I got a wave and a “How are you?” from a person I went to high school with.

The second part of my experiment was this, this right here. I started writing for the Viewpoint. I wrote for the Wayne State newspaper, and my Northeast mass media teacher said if anyone was interested to contact her, so I did. Writing has always been something I am passionate about. So, I thought, why not meet people with like interests to mine. From the very limited time of meeting some of the workers, they seem very nice.

I guess my point of writing this, is to say all we can do is try. I moved back to Norfolk for a new start, a new job, and to be with family. I knew leaving my friends behind would be hard, and it is really hard. This opportunity though can be looked at in a positive light or a negative light. Despite my pessimist tendencies I am going to be positive about it. I have an amazing internship that is kicking off my career, amazing family, and an amazing opportunity to meet people. So, I am going to at least try.

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