Living on Campus: A home away from home



By: Tori Chrisman

A secure and fun environment is extremely important to a college student. Where you live and how you live are huge factors in the health and academic success of a student. Northeast Community College has a variety of different dorm buildings offering  full time students varied living situations.

Northeast has dorms that are new and high tech like Path Hall, as well as dorms that are older and cozier such as Simon Hall. Some students prefer to be surrounded by cutting edge technology and a quieter bedroom to focus on their academic studies. Other students prefer a more social setting with a shared dorm room and more active environment between three or four roomates.

Living at the dorms can be a new and frightening experience for many incoming freshmen. Being away from home is a lot of change, but learning social and cohabiting skills can be extremely beneficial for a college student. Their relationships made on campus can help strengthen their future personal and career life goals. Living on campus is extremely significant to a full college experience. For more information about living on campus at Northeast Community College, please visit this link.