Chris Jones performs at the Northeast Campus


Steven Hamling, reporter

Hypnotist Chris Jones put on a spectacular performance on  Wednesday, September 13,  2017, that wowed the students of Northeast Community College. He  performed at the Life Long Learning Center from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m.  His act is not just simple magic tricks.Instead he  hypnotized  students, and they said  it was  fun. There where students that became zombies, people who thought they were their own original superheroes, a hula hoop competition between each of the hypnotized students, and other wacky fun.  Students said it  seemed like the star of the show also had supernatural powers.

Some students minds about what is real and what is fake may have been changed Wednesday night.   Northeast student Jared Schmidt was hypnotized by Jones and  said,  ” Ya, I suppose  hypnotism is possible.” He explained that all he could remember afterwards were all these memories he did not like. Another student, Brooklyn Krause, said that being hypnotized ” is like being in control, but not knowing what you’re doing.”  The  only questions that remain in students’ minds are does Chris Jones have other worldly powers, and would you want to be hypnotized?