Can you hear the “Voices Out of Nowhere”?


Tim Johnson, Reporter

You have the chance to become a published author and even win some prize money. All you need to do is send your creative work to Bonnie Johnson-Bartee to be featured in Northeast Community College’s “Voices Out of Nowhere.”

Bonnie Johnson-Bartee is looking for any students interested in having their work featured in the “Voice Out of Nowhere” annual publication.  Students can submit poetry, essays, artwork, photography, and fiction or non-fiction prose. Students can submit any number of entries in any number of categories. You don’t even need to be a writer or an artist to enter.

You can even win prizes! First place in poetry and prose get $75 each, and Second place get $25. First place for artwork gets featured on the cover and bookmarks given out at the Visiting Writers series. Even if you don’t win, you can put ‘published author’ or ‘artist’ on your résumé.

Bookmark featuring “Deep Sea Creature” by Benjamin Klabunde

The book will be revealed on Arts Night on May 3. Students will also read their works aloud and have their artwork on display.

If you want to submit something, you can send it to [email protected] or slide it under the door of Ag Allied Health 245, just make sure you include your name and address. Submissions are due March 20 at 1 pm.