Madison County Fair Summer Entertainment

Kim Taylor, Staff Writer

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With the cold weather looming, your summer bucket-list is probably adding up. Instead of looking out of state for your summer activities, stay in the area and go to the Madison County Fair this summer. The 4-H exhibits begin Saturday, July 8, 2017, with carnival rides, petting zoos, concerts and other exhibits continuing until July 16, 2017.

Tickets for the concerts go on sale at 8am on March 4, 2017. The Madison County Fair’s website recently released that Trace Adkins, Cam, and Old Dominion will be there for your entertainment.

General admission, concert and rodeo tickets can be purchased at Madison County Fairgrounds Office or by phone at 402-454-2144.  Credit cards are accepted, but there are no online ticket sales. They will only be available on March 4th, 2017 from 8am to 12pm. (Or until sold out)  They will, also, be available at these locations during the same time frame:

Shell Creek Market in Newman Grove

Goody’s Grille in Battle Creek

Subs and Suds in Tilden

Sportsman’s in Meadow Grove

Renegade in Norfolk

**Tickets sold at the outlets are general admission or concert only tickets.  All Reserved tickets need to be purchased at the Fair Office or by phone.  Remember there are no parking or gate fees.

Start looking forward to great food, carnival rides, animals, 4-H exhibits and wonderful entertainment Saturday, July 8 through Sunday, July 16, 2017. 

For more information visit their website at:

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