Media Arts: Audio Recording Instructor Anthony Beardslee


Josh Crim, Writer

Who better to teach audio recording at Northeast than someone who graduated from that program? A graduate who has 25 years experience in live sound, possesses a myriad of sound technology certifications, and is a Norfolk native. That graduate is Anthony Beardslee. “I think it was mostly my experience that qualified me for this job, because they needed someone who had been out there and done live sound and some recording. They needed someone to take those experiences and bring them to the classroom.”

Beardslee is an Audio Recording instructor here at Northeast, but his role as an instructor isn’t limited to just teaching. Many times you can find Beardslee acting as musician for his students to let them practice recording live music during labs. “My favorite part is watching students and seeing what they can do. Seeing how their creativity flourishes. Every year someone surprises me. I give them the basic tools on how to create something and then they do something incredible. I learn something new from students every year.”

After graduating from Northeast’s audio recording program he went on to experience professional live audio and production work at the Air Force and NET, Nebraska public broadcasting.  Beardslee returned to Northeast as an instructor in 1998. At the same time he began teaching he was earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems from Bellevue University. He recently returned to school and obtained his master’s, receiving a M.Ed. in Educational Administration from UNL. He is also an Avid Certified Pro Tools Instructor and a Sony Certified Vegas Trainer.

When he was younger he always thought he would be a performing musician and also thought about a career in art. Around the age of 13 he fell in love with audio. He knew he wanted to do something with recording. His dream job was to work in a recording studio so at Northeast he has the best of all worlds. He spends his days in the audio recording studios in the Cox Activities Center helping prepare students to enter the real world of sound.