Put down that iPhone, board games are back in style


BCD Club members setting up Settlers of Catan. Photo by Mark Lange

Mark Lange, Reporter

If you love board games and are looking for something to do on a boring Thursday night, there’s a club especially for you. The Northeast Board, Cards, and Dice Club, or BCD Club, is the place for you. BCD is the place where you can sit down with fellow students to play board games and have fun. Games that students can play range from strategy games like Avalon, to full blown role-playing games like Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons. “We have over a hundred different games,” BCD Club President Zeke Potter says. “The two favorites are Cards Against Humanity and Settlers of Catan.

Just a few of the games that BCD owns. Photo by Mark Lange.

Although the club meetings seem like a bunch of college kids coming together to be loud and have lots of fun playing some games, students say BCD is actually a well structured club. Before the weekly night of fun and excitement, the club comes together and takes roll, discusses new and old business, and brainstorms new ways of fundraising for the club. “We work concession stands during sporting events, so we get money from that,” Potter says. “We use the money for different things for the club like more games if we want them.” The club meets every Thursday night at 7 p.m. in the Burkhardt and Simon Hall lobby and normally goes until midnight to 1 a.m. See you there!