Northeast students who commute face challenges


Llolanda Hernandez, Reporter

College students who choose to live at home and commute to school face special challenges getting to classes. Northeast Community College attracts students from all over the northeast Nebraska area, and some can easily spend an hour or more on the road. “I live at home because it was just easier to live at home and drive to college every day,” said freshman Cara Lapour who commutes from Madison.

Winter weather forces commuting students to plan ahead

There are challenges to commuting; like loneliness in the car, working around other people’s schedules, and one of the hardest, weather changes. “During the winter it will be kind of scary to drive, but if I drive slower and come an hour earlier I should be fine,” said freshman Mariela Millan, also from Madison. While seasons change, students could either encounter good or bad weather and also college schedule changes.

Millan also said, “I decided to commute every day because I want to save up money and my work is also in Madison.” Students who commute say it is essential to keep a strict schedule and to allow for the unexpected. But many say living at home makes school work better for them.