Blacklight BINGO 2013


Cosmic BINGO 2013 was a successful night!

Elizabeth Cornett, Reporter

The Welcome Week activity for Tuesday was Blacklight BINGO at Hawk’s Landing. It was a great turn out as the Student Activities Council (SAC) had to bring in more chairs and the BINGO cards had to be re-dispersed. Blacklight BINGO uses black lights, white cards so they glow under the black lights, and colorful BINGO pieces to give the players an exciting BINGO experience. There were many winners from the BINGO games as well as ‘Catch the Ping Pong ball’. The BINGO prizes were Goo Goo Doll tickets or a bag a groceries and the prize for catching the ping pong ball was a box of ‘Cosmic Brownies’. It was a great time, with great people, music, and fun. The next Welcome Week activity will be a picnic and inflatable fun from 5pm to 7pm on Wednesday, August 21 behind the Lifelong Learning Center. -See more at: