An 84 Dollar Rainbow Cake Causes Disputes Around Social Media

Images by Kylieraeallen and afreebird

Images by Kylieraeallen and afreebird

Keally Peck, Writer

Despite the rumors of the social media platform TikTok being taken down in the United States, people who use the platform never hesitate to find or make trending content. The biggest trend these past two weeks has been about cake, more specifically, rainbow cake.

On April 7, 2023, a video was posted on TikTok under one of the many popular hashtags, ‘cakesoftiktok.’ The video, posted by Kylieraeallen, began to reach thousands of people around TikTok, leading to many reactions and disputes. The TikToker, known as Kylie Allen, talked in her minute-long video about the worst customer experience she has had since opening her bakery.

“Today I had one of the worst client experiences I’ve ever had since opening the storefront,” bakery owner Kylie Allen said in the beginning of the TikTok video that would give her more than seven million views.

While making the cake, Allen talked in the video about what the customers requested, what the price was, and how the whole order had ended.

The cake had been requested by Ashleigh Freeman, who had purchased a rainbow sprinkle cake with rainbow-colored layers from Kylie Kakes Dessert Bar & Cafe, which is located in West Virginia. The order, including six layers of cake to serve 18 people, would cost a little more than 80 dollars. When the cake was received by Freeman, she vocalized her unhappiness with the visual quality of the cake. First on a phone call with Allen, then in a private message with her, then on her Facebook page.

Shortly after Allen had posted that famous TikTok video, Freeman went on with a response video, uploading on her TikTok account called afreebird, showing evidence that she was not trying to be a bad customer but rather felt cheated with a messy cake that costs almost 100 dollars. She later deleted her TikTok video, wanting Allen to take down hers as well to avoid further online harassment and drama. When Allen didn’t take down the video, Freeman reuploaded hers.

Freeman said the cake was not worth the 84 dollar price tag, pointing out the uneven sprinkles and messy writing. Later on, she commented that the cake was tasty in a post seeking a ceasefire. However, the majority of viewers on her video agreed with her. With the cake being the target of the disputes, dozens of Tik Toks have popped up following the drama, racking up millions of views, with many agreeing the cake was overpriced.

“All she had to do was apologize and ask you how she could make it right!” One commenter, titled Nicole, commented under Freeman’s video explaining the rainbow cake fiasco.

“Instead, she let her ego destroy her business,” Nicole said.

Allen had an interview with Insider not too long ago, in which she said the attention led to people sending nasty messages to her husband and daughter. Some audience members accused Allen of having unclean hands or fingers when she had placed the sprinkles on the cake with no gloves, along with others accusing her of trying to pass off other bakers’ cakes as her own, both of which she has denied.

Freeman and Allen took to arguing over Facebook messenger. Freeman, concerned about the cake, let Allen know the cake was not worth what she paid for.

“It was not a quality cake for 84 dollars,” said Freeman, who also took issue with Allen not being there when she picked the cake up.

Allen said she would have made changes to the cake if Freeman had asked. Freeman never sought a refund, but Allen never backed down. Allen criticized Freeman for complaining in public and using disrespectful language. In response, Freeman told Allen that their hometown, Princeton, deserved better than a “subpar boxed cake from an unprofessional, dirty finger-nailed baker,” and hoped she would go out of business. Freeman did later admit that she said something mean in the heat of the moment.

“I was a bit rude after I tried to call a truce and she said no,” Freeman said.

Currently, Freeman has started baking her own cakes and posting the results on TikTok. Recent videos have shown her remake of the top of the cake, along with making an ombre cake last week. Allen, who earlier in the week had a free rainbow sprinkle cupcake day, continues to post baking videos but now has her comments turned off.