A Crazy Valentines Day

Britt Young, News Editor

Not only was there a crash, a shooting, and another death; there was also an attempted bank robbery and a shoplifting incident at Walmart.  Al Cappone’s ghost must have been watching over us.

On Tuesday the day of love, many were in shock to find out that two people ran off the bridge that morning and were in critical condition.  One person was thrown from the car and the other was stuck  in the car.  They were both hospitalized and survived the crash.

Later the same day as people were planning their get togethers they also heard news that a women is was shot in the head and two men fled.  The following day Stanton was on lock down because one of the shooters was hiding in a trailer there.  He was arrested that same day, after using tear gas to get him out.

A youtube video was streamed on Valentine’s day where it shows two men stealing purses from women in Walmart.  The video is five minutes long and it is posted on the Norfolk Daily News website.  In the video two men look like they are waiting for someone, and when the time is right they took a purse out of another cart and left.

Something must have been in the water on Valentines Day.  Instead of being a day of love it turned into a day of chaos and destruction.