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One Man’s Opinion: Taylor Swift Is An Idol

One Man's Opinion: Taylor Swift Is An Idol

Joe Lose, Writer

March 6, 2014

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is one of the hugest stars in the universe.  She puts out hit after hit like it's her job (mostly because it is) and she's good at it.  She's an incredibly talented and gifted young lady.  Furthermore, she's really...  grown up.  Screw it, let's be honest.  She's...

Resurrect Respect

Brittany Hinkel, Editor/Cartoonist

October 23, 2012

Respect: something most would say is an important part of life. The respect (or lack of) that one has is inevitably a learned behavior. According to, the word respect has a variety of definitions; one definition in particular is: to hold esteem or honor or to show regard or consid...

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