One Man’s Opinion: Taylor Swift Is An Idol

Joe Lose, Writer

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is one of the hugest stars in the universe.  She puts out hit after hit like it’s her job (mostly because it is) and she’s good at it.  She’s an incredibly talented and gifted young lady.  Furthermore, she’s really…  grown up.  Screw it, let’s be honest.  She’s painfully attractive.  Yet her critics come out in droves, just waiting to point out any and every flaw or mistake.

Not long ago, I noticed one of the thousands of chick magazines at a gas station begging the question, “Will Taylor Swift every find love?”  Are you kidding me?  She’s 24 years old.  Most normal or sane people will not have found “love” by that time in their lives.  I can already hear you asking about all of her ex boyfriends.  So?  How many people have you dated?  Most of us have dated a lot of different people and it hasn’t worked out.  She’s found a way to put those situations into songs that the world loves.  It also happens to make her a giant pile of money.

Now let’s move on to the country purists that say her music isn’t country anymore.  It’s pop and therefore garbage.  A lot of the popular country music these days has a ‘poppy’ or rock sound to it.  It’s one of the reasons country has become so huge the last decade.  Country fans like me owe that burst in popularity to people like Taylor.

If you’re wondering if I’m crying with mascara running down my cheeks like the “Leave Britney alone!” guy, I am not.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  So, next time you want to call her an idiot, think about what you’re saying.  You don’t have to like her music, but respect the girl for what she’s done.  Can someone now please help me down off of my soapbox?