Resurrect Respect

Brittany Hinkel, Editor/Cartoonist

Respect: something most would say is an important part of life.

The respect (or lack of) that one has is inevitably a learned behavior.

According to, the word respect has a variety of definitions; one definition in particular is: to hold esteem or honor or to show regard or consideration for.

It seems as though, in this century, the concept of respect has slipped through the cracks of most people’s grasp.

There once was a time when respect was handled with the utmost regard. It was once quite literally about honor, esteem, and consideration.

These days, respect rarely involves any of those aspects. Respect is held for those who act dishonorably and disrespectfully. A bit contradictory isn’t it?

Take for example, action movies. Action movies, back in the 1960’s and 70’s, generally involved a hero of some sort. There was usually a battle between good and evil and in most instances, good conquered evil. The hero was respected for acting with dignity, in other words, for ultimately being good.

Action movies these days are more violence-oriented. While the struggle between good and evil may still be present, it is often times harder to distinguish between the two. Movies involving gangs depict senseless violence as a way to gain respect.

In some instances, violence may be acceptable, but never without good reason.

Though respect is not easily defined, I think it is fair to say that certain guidelines apply: for example, keeping promises, being trustworthy, and acting ethically.

Respect can be practiced by merely distinguishing between right and wrong, and doing what you think is right. Isn’t it time we brought respect back?