Explore Omaha Like Never Before


Natalie Laurent

Omaha, Nebraska, home to the College World Series, Berkshire Hathaway and Union Pacific Corporation.

It’s not always about the bigger picture, Omaha is filled to the brim with hidden treasures and adventures waiting to be explored. Here are three hidden gems that Omaha has to offer.

Tucked away at first is Surfside Restaurant. Located right on the edge of the Missouri River, Surfside is known for their famous fried chicken and corn fritters.

“My family and I love Surfside, I look forward to it opening up every summer,” Jasie Veith said, “My favorite thing to order is the corn fritters with lots of honey.”

Open seasonally during the summer, Surfside offers more than just a bite to eat. People can enjoy live music from local bands every weekend. Whether you travel by boat or by land, Surfside has all the accommodations for your transporting needs. For example, a new addition to the Surfside property is a new marina right off the river and right at Surfside’s doorstep.

Another must try experience in Omaha is to explore the trails at Fontenelle Forest. Immerse yourself in nature with this family-friendly spot. Fontenelle is more than just a forest. With built in musical instruments inside the forest and multiple treehouses to explore, kids can be creative and build art with wood pieces.

“I grew up going to Fontenelle Forest, I loved being able to explore and use my imagination freely,” Erin Northrup said.

People can become educated with the types of trees and animals found on plaques beside the many trails that are offered. Younger children can embark on a scavenger hunt throughout their journey on the trails.

Last but not least is Ted and Wally’s Ultra-Premium Ice Cream. Located in downtown Omaha, experience the quality of homemade ice cream. Inside the shop is filled with history, as well as a hot spot for social media posts and pictures.

“I love going to Ted and Wally’s, and it’s also a great place to take pictures downtown,” Autumn Givehand said.

With an updated menu of flavors every day, Ted and Wally’s is known for their unique out of the box flavors, as well as always having vanilla bean and chocolate on the menu.

There is much to explore in Omaha, these three attractions are just the few Omaha has to offer.